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Destination Fundraisers

Destination fundraisers are the ultimate fundraiser. Not only do they take away a huge portion of the stress that the nonprofit or organization has to do in order to prepare for the fundraiser, it also takes away the pressure to ensure attendance. Not only that, it also keeps your donors in close proximity for a longer period of time. This fosters cohesion that no ordinary fundraiser could ever provide. Not only will your donors get to know you and your organization more intimately, but they will also have an opportunity to create new friendships and collaboration for future support of your organization. They will become your biggest advocates (if they weren’t already).

Imagine if your fundraising expenses were reduced by not having to pay a staff member to take care of all logistics or hire outside counsel to do the fundraising. Although I won’t be managing your funding and the fundraiser portion, I will take care of all of the big logistics including, but not limited to transportation, accommodation, excursions, upgraded amenities, and so much more. The best part – ultimate minimal cost. The donors cover their own expenses, so you don’t have to. This truly is the ultimate fundraiser, both economically and comprehensively. You honestly can’t find a more impactful way to raise funds.

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