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The city rose to prominence in the 16th century as the main port for trade between Spain and its overseas empire. And the years since have been good to it: the present-day city maintains a prestigious position, championing an energy—fueled by the beat of its vallenato rhythms—found few other places in the Caribbean.

Complimentary Guide to the Regional Foods of Italy
Insights into the culinary delights of Italy.

Italy offers an unrivaled culinary experience for travelers and its yours to discover with this complimentary copy of this best-selling ebook from Approach Guides.

With high-resolution images, a food dictionary and information on Italian coffee, pasta and salumi, this is the definitive guide to the regional foods of Italy.

Maasai Culture in Tanzania & Kenya
Unique insights into one of Africa’s oldest and most distinctive cultures

One of the most memorable aspects of a journey to Kenya and Tanzania is getting an in-depth look at the indigenous Nilotic, cattle-centric people who make their home in the Great Rift Valley: the Maasai. Enjoy these insights, which shed light on their traditional customs as well as the impact modern inventions are having on their daily life.