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Donor Travel

I help nonprofits to foster lifelong donor relationships

You do amazing work and are reaching some of the most vulnerable on the planet. How can you best help your donors to understand the depth of your reach and how impactful your programs and projects really are? Invite them for a site visit. Show them the lives you impact. Let them feel like they are a part of the mission and help them deeply understand how valuable their contribution is to your cause.

The best part is that this comes at no cost to the nonprofit. My trips ensure a seamless visit for your donors from across the globe, ensuring their focus is on your organization and not the logistics of how to get there and where to stay. Donors know that they will be taken care of.

What are the benefits of Donor Cultivated Travel?


Field experience and exposure helps donors to more thoroughly understand and become more deeply engaged with your organization’s mission and goals.


Your donors get to experience exclusive insights and excursions that help them to understand not only your organization’s mission, but also the realities of the locale in which you do your work. Deeper understanding of the problem solidifies a donor’s belief that your mission is important and that their contribution is extremely critical to those in this community. Don’t forget to send your board members! There is nothing like immersing the most invested in your mission so that they are fully committed to fulfilling the needs of your organization and ensuring its success.

Complete Support

We handle all of the logistics. You focus on your relationship. Your VIP clients will receive the best treatment possible, while also having exclusive access to amenities and opportunities available through our connections on the ground. Our complete travel management includes customizable packages, traveler support, and promotional itinerary materials for your guests.

Donor Retention

Immersion is the best way to cultivate lifelong connection with your cause and foster loyalty. Engagement in a competitive fundraising marketplace is critical to donor retention.

Budget-Friendly Support

Our hands-free solution enables your donors to have the best possible experience regardless of your staff capacity to arrange a visit. Let us do the heavy work. You focus on the relationship. We provide all of these services at no cost to the nonprofit organization. Your next donor trip could be the ticket to your next largest donation!

Community and Networking

Make it a group trip. Donors who travel together will cultivate new peer relationships with one another and see the support your organization receives, which only helps your support to grow!

Donors to Ambassadors

Watch your donors become ambassadors for your cause after their experience. They will be excited to share their experiences and photos with others and may ultimately become the best source of new promotional materials.

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your donor travel needs.